The Caterpillar's Colorful Journey

The Caterpillar’s Colorful Journey

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Drawing Workbook for Kids

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Drawing Workbook for Kids by Digicenter

Basic Math for Kids- Addition & Subtraction

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Spark your child’s love for math with ‘Basic Math for Kids: Addition & Subtraction.’ 40 colorful A4 pages packed with engaging exercises.

Age Group: 5+

Format: PDF A4 Size

Product Type: Digital Downloadable Product/Softcopy

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“Introducing ‘Basic Math for Kids: Addition & Subtraction‘ – the perfect resource to ignite your child’s numerical journey! Packed with 40 pages of colorful exercises and interactive challenges, this A4-sized PDF workbook is tailored for kids above 5 years.


  • Colorful Images: Engaging and vibrant illustrations captivate children’s attention, making learning enjoyable.
  • Interactive Exercises: Fun and interactive activities keep kids entertained while they learn essential math skills.
  • Comprehensive Content: Covers both addition and subtraction, providing a solid foundation for further mathematical learning.

**Why you should buy this?**

  • Engaging Learning Experience: Colorful images and interactive exercises enhance comprehension and retention.
  • Easy-to-Use Format: Clear instructions and intuitive design make it easy for kids to navigate the workbook independently.
  • Convenient Access: Available in PDF format, allowing for instant download and printing for at-home use or on-the-go learning.

**What are the benefits for kids?**

  • Enhanced Learning: Visual aids stimulate interest and engagement, leading to improved understanding and mastery of math concepts.
  • Increased Confidence: Success in completing colorful exercises boosts children’s confidence in their math abilities.
  • Foundation for Success: By mastering addition and subtraction, children develop essential skills that set them up for future academic success.

Download ‘Basic Math for Kids: Addition & Subtraction‘ from Digicenter today and watch your child’s mathematical skills flourish!”

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